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We offer a number of discount and savings opportunities to our customers. When searching for airfares, discount and savings claims are based on multiple factors, including searching over 600 airlines to find the lowest available fare. Coupon codes are valid for savings for qualified bookings off our standard service fees. Seniors and youth may find specific discounted fares offered by certain airlines subject to airline qualifications. Military, bereavement and visually impaired travelers are eligible for discounts off our post-booking service fees as outlined in our compassion exception policy

Claims of savings on average of $132 per traveler or 32% savings as compared to published fares are based on review of private non-published airfares booked as compared to available published fares. Last date of comparison – January 15, 2022. Where otherwise indicated, discounts and savings claims are based off of comparing the average fares for the same month or adjacent months last year or such other time frame indicated with fares presently offered by the airlines for the same routes.

Subject to OneTravel service fees and post booking fees.

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